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W.T Building Services Ltd provide a full HVAC installation package on new and refurbished building projects which include the supply and installation of HVAC plant and equipment , design manufacture and installation of ventilation systems, including air conditioning.

We can provide our services direct to the client or by sub-contract

High Street Stores

Installation of supply & extract ventilation systems at:

  • Aspecto – Leeds & Manchester
  • Quicksilver – Cambridge
  • Gant – London, Bristol & Manchester
  • Henley’s – London, Cambridge, Leicester, Liverpool & Manchester

High Street Banks

Installation of supply & extract ventilation systems at numerous locations across the UK, including the Isle of Wight and Jersey:

  • Lloyds TSB
  • Santander
  • HSBC
  • RBS
  • Nat West
  • Alliance & Leicester
  • Bradford & Bingley


Design supply & Installation of bespoke local Dental extract ventilation systems at Abbey House veterinary hospital Morley Leeds.

WT Building Services Ltd
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