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McDonalds Restaurants

As a principal contractor to McDonalds Restaurants, WT Building Services Ltd provides a full and comprehensive service in the replacement and refurbishment of HVAC equipment.


These works typically include the decommissioning of existing HVAC plant equipment, the co-ordination and supervision of crane lifts to replace old plant with new, the design and provision of secondary steelwork, plinth adaptors and alterations to ductwork systems to suit the different types of Air Handling Unit configurations. We also provide all electrical, Gas, DX pipe work and inter-connecting control cabling for the new plant equipment along with full commissioning of the new plant equipment and existing ventilation systems.


These works specifically for McDonalds on kitchen extract fans include the cleaning of the fan and surrounding floor area, removal of rust and re-painting, replacement of flexible connections.

W.T Building Services also provide a full HVAC installation package on new build restaurants for the McDonald’s Construction team. Our most recent “new build” McDonalds projects can be enjoyed at:

  • M40 junction 2 service area, Beaconsfield
  • Braehead Shopping centre, Glasgow
  • Eureka Leisure Park, Ashford, Kent.

W.T Building Services have also provided sub contract work to a number of Restaurants some of which are listed below

Greene King

The replacement of kitchen extraction systems and provision of new fresh air systems to kitchen areas.


Replacement of a kitchen extract fan and galvanised ductwork with a new fan and fully welded ductwork within the plant room.


The replacement of the kitchen extract fan on the roof at Charnock Richard’s Service Area, M6

TGI Fridays

The replacement of the kitchen extract fan on the roof at the Trafford Centre

Barburrito’s Restaurant

The installation of fresh air and kitchen extract systems to the new restaurant within Liverpool One

Kahn’s Quality Foods

The installation of a canopy and a new extract system to new cooking equipment.

Carlo’s Restaurant

Installation of new fresh air system and ventilation ductwork from concealed air conditioning units.

Bunbury Arm’s, Stoake

The replacement of the kitchen extract system to include new a new canopy and increased volume

Old England Hotel, Bowness.

Replacement of kitchen extract fans and installation of new attenuators.

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